South Beach Miami Beachfront Dining at the Mia Bella Roma!

Mia Bella Roma has opened a exciting new location and it is right here at the Hotel Ocean! Here In the heart of Miami Beach, having a delicious meal, enjoying a great atmosphere and being just in front of the sea are some of the pleasures that make this place so special. Some of Mia Bella Roma's products which arrive fresh everyday, include seafood specialties, lobster, oysters and imported fish, such as Oratelubite Fish, Branzini - Sea Bass, and more... Mia Bella Roma also specializes in imported cheeses such as Taleggio - a soft cheese, Bufala Mozzarella and Asiago.

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Whether you choose the artisanal creations of the Hosteria Romana or another of the South Beach Miami beachfront dining spots, we know you'll love your stay at the Hotel Ocean. For more information or for reservations, please call 305-672-2579.